Bullseye Camera System


Bullseye camera

Life isn’t just about ammo, guns and reloading. Hey wait, it’s not? Nope. It’s also about expanding your horizons when it comes to our favorite pastime. Learning new ways to make it even more fun should also be on your radar. And trust me on this — this is one of those ways. If you’re not in possession of one of the new breed of target camera systems, get out your Christmas or birthday wish list and make notes. It works like this. You want to shoot but you’re tired of peering through a spotting scope, tired of not seeing the hits, tired of trying to keep track of your groups, which shot is which on the target — and tired of dragging yourself those 200 or 500 or 1,000 yards back and forth to the target. That all made me tired just thinking about it.

And yes, I said 1,000 yards. Or how about a mile? Today’s long distance people are talking in “miles” these days. Okay, so what about your average handgunner? It’s just as handy and just as versatile. Even at 25 or 50 yards, it’s damn convenient to just look at your iPad or phone and see, nice and clearly, the shot you just took. Then with a simple app, you can track the group, the order of the hits (they highlight one at a time, disappear, re-appear, etc. as you like), even though the holes are still there on the target. The wonder of the digital age, eh?

The Bullseye Long-Range Target Camera is a “set” with many options. For the $649 (MSRP) you get one mile range (or 25 yards …), High Def 960P clarity, camera/Wi-Fi/receiver, an integrated charging system, sunshade, LED illumination, telescoping legs — and it’s weather resistant — all in one unit. The camera sits at the target (just below or to one side) and the receiver goes near you and your iPad. Presto — you see the target that’s 400 yards away like it was sitting on your bench in front of you. A cool side benefit is it makes your shooting a bystander-friendly event. Buddies, girlfriends (who might laugh at you, I’m just sayin’), dogs, kids and nay-sayers can all see the hits as they occur. Watch that trigger press, me-bucko. There’s other models at lower prices, chasing the $300 mark. For more info: http://www.gsmoutdoors.com/, Ph: (877) 269-8490