Catch 22 Dispenser


I stopped by to visit Marble Arms (think: rifle sights, etc.) at the SHOT show this year and after admiring all the very cool retro-sight and accessory stuff they do, I spotted this on the table. The name caught my eye first, but after picking it up, I couldn’t quite figure out what it did. It turns out it’s one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” things. Normally, toting .22 rounds means an awkward paper box, hard plastic boxes, loose rounds gathering lint in your pocket or some rendition of such things. There’re lots of after-market options, from soft pouches to hard-sided belt boxes, to carry .22 ammo, but the Catch 22 is clever. It uses a series of 10 vertical holes or “silos” to hold five rounds each. That’s a box of 50 .22 rounds.

You slide the top back (either direction) to uncover one of the tubes. Then you can either dump them right into a tube feed magazine if you’re careful, or into your hand to load a pistol mag, a single-shot rifle or whatever. It’s easy to tell how many rounds you have left too, which is a sort of an added bonus feature. It clips to a belt and is great for storing ammo at hand, tossing into a pack or maybe a truck glove compartment. It holds 30 .22 Magnums or .17 HMR rounds too. It’s not “dunkable” but would sure keep your rounds dry and clean in normal use. Perfect for a gritty environment where there’s lots of dust in the air. It’d be a boon for people who buy bulk .22 LR, solving the carry problem for them. It’s made of some sort of polymer and is pretty much indestructible. I see them for about $10 online.

For more info:
Marble’s: (906) 428-3710
Email: [email protected]

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