Exclusive: Comp-Tac Evade Holster — “Can your holster Evade detection?”


Comp tac

Serving as vehicles for our guns, our holsters must safely carry, conceal and protect our pistols, while also making them accessible in a moment’s notice. Appendix carry is popular once again; AIWB holsters are popping up and for good reason.

Sure, guys used the “Mexican carry” method of shoving their revolvers and 1911’s down their pants for a quick and convenient way of carrying their Roscoe back in the old days, but it’s an uncouth and unsafe way of doing business.

With today’s striker-fired, polymer-framed pistols, the family jewels are just a single trigger-pull away from becoming giblet’s when carrying “Mexican style.” It’s best to be safe and use a holster to “Evade” any catastrophes involving the cajones. Don’t believe it? Google some of the recent headlines involving this very thing …

Comp Tac

Comp-Tac Evade

Comp-Tac has just the answer to allow risk-free carry in AIWB mode. This holster is 100 percent T1 grade Kydex, which has a naturally smooth finish, making for slick, fluid drawing and holstering of a pistol. A retention adjustment screw allows the user to customize the amount of tension for maximum comfort.
The trigger and trigger-guard are completely covered by the Kydex holster body when the pistol is holstered and prevents any negligent or inadvertent discharges while carrying.

A sturdy nylon belt-clip anchors the holster to a belt without risk of damaging clothing/belt. The clip allows a shirt to be tucked over the gun and is adjustable, letting the gun be seated deeper or higher, for individual preference and comfort.

The Comp-Tac “Kick” provides pressure, pushing the gun grip tighter to the torso for better concealment. This minimalist design has smooth edges and gentle curves, providing total comfort while packing a piece.

Stay safe by carrying daily and using a holster to “Evade” any self-inflicted mishaps when packing a pistol AIWB-style. Let Comp-Tac take care of your needs with the “Evade” holster.

Evade Availability

The Evade is currently available for GLOCK G17, 19, 43; S&W M&P Shield 9mm/.40 and SIG SAUER P365. Models for the HK VP9SK, P320 subcompact and CZ P07, as well as G26, 42, S&W M&P 3.6″ and SIG SAUER P938 are planned for the near future.
MSRP is $57.

For more info: https://comp-tac.com; Comp-Tac, Ph: (866) 441-9157.