CRKT Model 5400 XOC

A Blade with Shock and Awe

XOC is pronounced “Shock” just to sort of set the tone on this over-the-top, over-built beast of a blade.

Designed by Flavio Ikoma in Brazil, and produced by industry veteran CRKT, is this design overkill? You bet. If there ever was a case when bigger is better, you’re looking at it now. Justifiably a limited run, if the 4.25″ CTS XHP blade doesn’t get your attention, the 10.37″ overall length should. There’s also a “pocket” clip hiding on the opposite side. Yeah, right, a pocket clip. Handle scales are weaved carbon fiber, mated to titanium for light weight and strength.

One of the most important things about this knife is its ground-breaking locking mechanism — The Deadbolt. Flavio worked for years perfecting it, and the XOC is one of the first knives to showcase it. The deadbolt has steel bolts interlocking with the blade when the blade is open. This solid, literal “bank-vault” lockup gives outrageous strength. This lock will not fail, period. The easy-to-find button sits right at the pivot point for the blade and is a simple press away from releasing it to fold home. It’s fast, easy and convenient, but most importantly, it allows you to keep your fingers out of the blade’s path. A liner-lock design forces you to put your finger or thumb right in the path of the sharp edge of a blade as you unlock it to close. If you’re already putting a bit of pressure on the blade in anticipation of closing it you have to keep your wits about you to avoid getting nipped — or worse. This can’t happen with the Deadbolt, so a hurried closure means just that, with no blood involved.

I won’t beat around the bush here, this knife costs $750. Is it worth this much? It’s beautifully made, innovative, built by a top-notch American company and designed by a true groundbreaker when it comes to knife-making. Factor in the extremely limited run, lifetime warranty and sheer attention-getting presence, the XOC will be the centerpiece of your collection. And it will always be worth more than you paid for it. If you choose to use this knife — and it’s tempting — think: an ultimate survival or tactical tool, a first line of defense and performance for a soldier or cop, or simply a sublimely satisfying everyday carry if you’re burly enough to manage it. If someone asks, “Anyone have a knife?” You can smile and say, “Sure, will this work?”

For more info:, Ph: (800) 891-3100

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