desantis pocket holder


When it comes to purchasing brakes, tires or parachutes, cheap is much too expensive. This is also true of holsters and especially so of pocket holsters. I always, that is always, have a J-Frame in my pocket. For a while I carried it in a very inexpensive pocket holster and two things started to happen. One was no matter where I placed it in my pocket it would change its position and the grip of my little pistol might be anywhere when I reached for it. Secondly, it started to irritate my leg through the pocket material until it constantly reminded me it was there.

Several months ago I invested in a DeSantis Nemesis Pocket Holster. These holsters are not cheap, by any means, however at just under $27 they’re certainly not expensive. The best thing about them is they really work. Because of the design of the Nemesis and the material used, when it’s placed in the pocket it stays put. The inside of the holster is what DeSantis calls a “slick pack cloth” providing a low friction draw while at the same time keeping the pistol exactly where it belongs. The core of the holster is foam. The combination of material for the holster itself and the foam core molds itself to the pocket pistol and to the pocket itself.

In addition to forming to the pocket the material doesn’t irritate my leg and I hardly know I’m even carrying. The pistol draws easily, but remember to remove the holster from the pocket, re-place the gun and then place both back into the pocket. The Nemesis is an excellent design at a most reasonable price, is ambidextrous, and most importantly — it works! The picture shows a S&W J-Frame and a SIG P365. For more info:

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