Diamond D Leather

Thoughtful Design Meets Seasoned Craftsmanship

HH12 CCW holster.

After meeting these great folks many years ago at a local gun show, I was struck by the sheer high quality of their work. Over the years I’ve used many of their designs and each one continues to perform flawlessly — and that’s no exaggeration. Known for their Guide’s Holster, a rugged “system” made famous in their home state of Alaska, the company has grown over the years and now applies the tough-as-a-bear thinking into concealed carry holsters and accessories.

I’ll go on record here and simply say everything you see here works as advertised from my own experience so I won’t go too far into specifics. I’d rather take the space to show you the gear.

The $120 Alaska Hunter Holster (shown here with the optional cartridge holder/hanger) can double as a sort of CCW rig (minus the hanger), especially in winter with a coat. But it’s a perfect field rig, and I use mine for carrying a serious revolver as I work on my land here. We’re getting wild boar close by these days so we like to be careful. They are custom holsters so chat with them about a fit for your gun.

Alaska Hunter Holster with drop-loop/ammo accessory.

SSR “Simple Shoulder Rig.”

Diamond D holster belt

Good Ideas Thrive

From mag pouches and hunting holsters, to rifle butt cuffs ($95), slings (from $55) and other goodies, Diamond D really is virtually one-stop shopping for leather tackle. I’m very impressed with their burly laced-on butt-cuffs — can you say indestructible — and future family heirlooms? I think paring one with a rugged sling makes perfect sense. The quality of this stuff will make you smile every time you see it, trust me on that.

Belts are the anchor for any holster and accessory line-up you wear and Diamond D’s are without peer. The stitching assures they remain rigid, but are still comfy to wear. I promise you’ll never wear one out in your lifetime, and the secure way a good belt carries a holster means less back pain and more confidence for you.

Their HH12 holster — $95 — is a newer CCW holster and the simplicity is a real attraction for me. Open-topped, it has a tension screw and a belt loop to accommodate up to a 2″ belt. Everything you need in a rugged holster, with no frills to mess things up. The design is also very comfortable. While not necessarily “deep” cover in design, under a light cover garment it works great. Simple is always good.

Diamond D’s IWB rig.

Butt Cuff and Sling.


Iused to wear a shoulder holster in the field all the time and I’m not sure why we don’t do it more often. Not the chest style, but a more classic CCW style. I find the balance of the gun on one side, ammo or accessories on the other makes the added weight hardly noticeable, and clears your belt area for other accessories, a waist pack or nothing at all. They also don’t usually interfere with a light day pack. Diamond D’s $210 shoulder rig can do urban CCW work or field duty.

The $120 IWB holster is a fairly classically styled inside the waistband holster and has the mouth reinforced so it won’t close after the draw. It fits up to a 13/4″ belt and has about a 25-degree cant. Again, it’s bullet-proof tough and a lifetime investment.

Keep in mind they have dog collars, leashes, rifle scabbards, survival products and lots more, all made in America and all crafted with obvious pride and care. They are swell people, and they make top-notch products. Let ’em know we sent you.

For more info: Diamond D, Ph: (907) 631-4212, diamonddcustomleather.com

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