Gettin’ Started

Go ahead a grab yourself a big mug of coffee, turn on a western and get ready to vanish into the unknown. The Western will provide a soothing background, but after a bit, I guarantee you’ll never hear it, you’ll be concentrating so much.

Remove the old stocks and punch out your locator pin at the bottom of the grip-frame. Depending on how thin you want your stocks, you may actually shorten the pin. Grab one of your roughed out stocks and place it tightly in the square corner at the top of the grip-frame. Now mark where you will drill the locator hole. Don’t drill too deep, you risk sanding through the hole. Do the same with the other stock.

Now, replace the locator pin and fit your stocks to the grip-frame. Use a thin lead pencil and trace the outline of the frame to your wood stocks on both sides. This will be your rough cut, or sanding line. Scott does a good job getting them close, so there won’t be too much material to remove. However, a belt/disc sander with speed up the initial removal of wood. When you’re done sanding to the line you drew, start with your 220-grit sandpaper.