Yeah, But …

While military brass is heavier and able to survive several reloadings, it does have one perturbing trait — that dang dreaded primer pocket crimp. The military has their ammunition made with crimped-in primers to avoid primer back-out during transport, ensuring upmost reliability while being fed through full-auto guns. Crimped primer pockets create a minor problem for handloaders. We need to deal with the crimp in order to prime this premium brass when reloading it.

There are different swaging presses on the market. Or you can use a case chamfering tool and chamfer the crimp from the pocket. Better yet … you can use a Lee Automatic Processing Press (APP) with Primer Pocket Swage Kit and swage those crimps out lickity-split! It’s fast, fun and gets it done — in no time at all!

I’ve always been a fan of Lee Precision products because they are very competitively priced, but more importantly, they work! I introduced the Lee APP as a mighty fine way of sizing cast bullets. And it is. It’s all I use now. For $50, you can convert your APP from bullet sizer, to crimp removing swage kit. How cool is that?