Exclusive: Lighten Up!


Adding a LaserMax Weaponlight to a Glock 43 might the easiest way to light up not only what you're aiming at but also your general disposition. Here, readers, is one of the easiest accessories to use on a defensive pistol. In fact, it’s so simple you’ll be smiling during the whole minute and a half it takes to install it.

The LaserMax Weaponlight, out of its box, next to the Glock 43. Not shown: Three small screws. Really, this is it.

To install, press the right side against the trigger guard…

… then the left side…

…tighten the three screws and you’re done.

Installed, the Weaponlight weighs virtually nothing. Press the button from either side and the light puts out 115+ lumens. Press the button again, and it turns off. You can switch to a pulsing strobe light instead of a steady beam by turning the light on and holding down the button from either side for three seconds. To switch back to a steady beam, follow the same procedure.

And to top it all off, LaserMax includes a pocket holster with the Weaponlight. That’s right, a holster that easily accommodates the Glock 43 with the Weaponlight installed. The LaserMax Weaponlight retails for $149. Check back later for an update on how the gun and the holster work work with the Weaponlight — and see if I’m still smiling.