The DeltaPoint Micro is currently available for non-MOS GLOCKs and S&W M&P pistols, so I mounted the DeltaPoint Micro on a GLOCK 43X for testing. Proportionally, it’s a great pairing, and I found existing holsters like the Blackhawk Stache compatible with the setup. Installation was simple. Just remove the existing rear sight and replace with a dovetail adapter. The optic’s baseplate screws into the adapter. Just visually center and use the windage and elevation adjustments to complete the zeroing process.

As for handling, as long as I forgot I was working with a red dot sight, it was a seamless transition. Just look for the front sight and the ghost ring effect was intuitive — with the bonus addition of a red dot on target superimposed over the front sight post itself. I practically found the ghost ring setup to be applicable at shorter distances while the red dot gave me better precision at longer ranges, say 15 yards and out, with improved speed over an irons-only configuration.

All in all, it’s a nifty setup. The ghost ring approach makes moot the standard red dot objection of, “what happens when the dot doesn’t work?”

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