Gunnysack: Kraken Gamma Case


You can fly with guns, and it’s not as scary as you might assume. First, do not try to take them on the plane; else, you’ll learn about prison shower safety.

To check a handgun in baggage, you’ll need a strong protective case. The Kraken Case Company has you covered. The secret to these is Kraken Foam. The dense, closed-cell foam does not need to be cut. In fact, it’s slice resistant. Press your firearm or gear into place and the foam shapes itself to order. Better yet, it returns to a like-new state when you remove the gun. It’s strangely addictive to play with.

The case is also waterproof out of the box, using a self-activating rubber seal. A steel-reinforced center locking hole allows the use of a proper lock to protect your gear. Two other corner holes provide extra security if you like.

I’ll pack this in a larger suitcase, cable locking the whole shebang to the suitcase frame.

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