Handgunner Editor Picks: Hatpoint Target Stands


Shooting at an outdoor range often means you have to supply your own target stand. Fear not, for I have finally found an excellent option for you. I recently evaluated a HatPoint target stand and couldn’t be more impressed. These stands are a lot lighter and easier to carry than my old steel ones, plus I don’t have to take a can of WD-40 to free rusty screws. After the short assembly, you just simply add standard 1″x2″ firring strips and staple a target. The slots for the boards are taller than my old target stands, and they have tension tabs to hold the boards firmly in place. Some might worry about them breaking by a wayward bullet. Don’t! The polymer material is capable of surviving multiple hits and remaining serviceable. Lastly, they have a variety of slots allowing targets from 6″ to 24″ wide. HatPointTarget.com

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