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I know, I know… if you need it, you likely just buy it. But we need to keep in mind those who care for us constantly struggle to buy for us. “Um, Unique or Trail Boss powder?” they ask themselves. “Snap Caps or hearing protection?” They may not know! Brains overheat and days tick by. Help out by simply “tactically” stashing this issue in an obvious place, complete with marked-up pages in your favorite Sharpie color. Suddenly gift-buying despair turns into a package-laden Christmas tree for their favorite shooter! Bravo!

Lyman StrikerCaps

Lyman’s A-ZOOM StrikerCaps solve the striker fire pistol dry-fire dilemma. Regular snap-caps will eject when you run the slide to recock the pistol. The rimless StrikerCaps stay in the chamber as you run the slide. Presto — easy dry-fire practice. They stay centered using an O-ring and are available in common calibers. MSRP: $8.95 (each)

For more info: www.lymanproducts.com

SIG SAUER P365 Air Pistol

SIG SAUER’s P365 compact 9mm pistol has raced to the top of favorite CCW guns. Their CO2-powered P365 clone shooting BBs is a natural companion piece. The 12-gram CO2 cartridges send BBs out at about 300 fps and the “magazine” assures realistic “semi-auto” action. It handles and “feels” the same as the “real” brother and is great for backyard fun and training. It’s not a toy though so keep your thinking cap on. MSRP: $99.99

For more info: www.sigsauer.com

Starline .455 Webley MKII Brass

Starline’s new .455 Webley MKII brass is unusual, but trust me when I say thousands of these old guns are still out there and I’m sure shooters are doing a jig these days over this. This brass will work in the MKII, MKIII, MKIV and MKVI. Some guns have been converted to use the .45 Auto Rim and will not work with this brass. MSRP: $109.50 (250 cases)

For more info: www.starlinebrass.com

TAC SHIELD Tactical Gun Belt

TAC SHIELD’s new 1.75″ Tactical Gun Belt is light, offering a polymer stiffener lining in the holster/mag pouch areas, leaving the spine area softer for comfort. The dual quick-release “Cobra” buckle is secure, but quick to use. Available in brown or black, it’s been proven in combat and comes with a lifetime warranty. MSRP: $73.99

For more info: www.tacshield.com

Walker's Digital Razor Muffs

Walker’s Digital Razor slim electronic muffs and companion clip-on Walkie Talkie Accessory is a great duo! You get electronic noise suppression coupled with the ability to communicate to other shooters on the range or in the field. Instructors could talk to specific students and hunters could talk to each other. Perfect for any noisy environment, construction workers, farmers, ranchers, equipment operators — anyone needing hearing protection and communication would appreciate this set-up! MSRP: $79.99 Razor Digital Muffs; $49.99 Walkie Talkie Accessory

For more info: www.walkersgameear.com

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