Knife Sharpening with Roy Huntington


No matter what level of expertise you have with sharpening knives, it’s always good take a brief refresher course on the basics. Here’s one of the most helpful seven minutes of video you’ll find anywhere on the topic of knife sharpening. Demonstrated and narrated by our very own Roy Huntington, this video provides clear and simple insight on how to keep your blades sharp and useful.

In summary, all you need in terms of equipment is a knife, a sharpener, a rag, a small amount of water (optional), and a black marker. Most important in the process of sharpening, Roy explains, is maintaining a consistent bevel — the angle of your knife against whatever sharpener you’re using.

Note: The sharpening stone Roy uses is a DMT DuoSharp Bench Stone

knife sharper

And when you’ve finished Part 1, you can move on to Part 2…

What are your tricks and tips for sharpening blades? Feel free to share them in the comments below..