Today, with over 20 designs in the Krudo stable, there’s no lack of diversity. All of Louis’ designs tend to be overbuilt, yet they all have a slick design flare. Two of his newest models, the Feroce and Karsino10, couldn’t be more different. The Feroce has dolphin-like curves into which Louis has ingeniously designed-in five different methods of opening the blade. On the opposite pole stands the Karsino10, a straightforward, all-business folder with its own classy design traits, such as a flat ground drop point blade design. Both knives have sturdy integral locks built into the backsides of their frames, and Krudo adds spice to both by adding attractive inserts of Carbon Fiber and other materials.

In yet another design take, Krudo’s Manikomio fixed-blade blends the symmetrical lines of the classic dagger with futuristic Star Wars wings and angles. Louis’ greatest design trait is perhaps the fact he never went to art school or believed things had to be done a certain way. Rather, the basis of each Krudo creation is years of experience knowing what a knife must do to be effective. “As of this writing I’m currently working on a new folder inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West property. In his private office there, where he would meet with his clients through a 6-sided door. It got me to thinking,” notes Louis.

There it is, all laid out for you. Free thinking unleashed. A Krudo trait.