mini-silhouette steel target


CTS promotes this particular steel as a rifle target, but I’ve found it to be the perfect pistol training aid. The mini-silhouette target is built to IPSC proportions but scaled at half the size of a standard IPSC target. When you factor in the minimum recommended safe distance for handguns of 15 yards, it’s small enough to keep you focused on accuracy and big enough you can press your speed limits.

CTS builds this one with 3/8″ AR500 steel, so some might consider it “overbuilt” for standard handgun calibers. That’s just fine with me as the extra thickness also allows magnum caliber use, and if you want to use it for rifles too, knock yourself out.

My preferred mounting setup uses the CTS 2×4 “X” ground base and Pro Shooting Target Hanger. Cut a scrap 2×4 to the desired height and you have a portable, but stable, target system. Get a couple for transition drills!

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