New Products Jan/Feb
2020 Issue


Absolute Zero

Axeon Optics

Axeon Optics’ Absolute Zero makes sighting in your rifle easy. Using two precision lasers, it guarantees your hold on the rifle will be in the same place for each shot to eliminate error. It’s a quick, efficient and accurate way to find your zero at 25 yards and allows you to zero in at 100 yards with cold-barrel accuracy. Recently improved, the Absolute Zero is now easier to mount on a rifle via Picatinny rail or clamped to a 1″ or 30mm scope tube. It works across multiple platforms and calibers (including crossbows) and with any optic. For more info: (479) 646-4210,

King Cobra Target Revolver

Colt’s Mfg. Co. LLC

Colt has added to its line of “snake guns” with the release of the King Cobra Target Revolver. Forged from American stainless steel, the 6-round capacity, double-action revolver features a 4″ barrel, adjustable rear sight, elevated fiber optic front sight and custom wood medallion grips. It is the third model in the modern King Cobra series and was developed to bring the .357 magnum King Cobra to a competitive range. Colt reintroduced the King Cobra .357 in January 2019, followed by the King Cobra Carry in May 2019. Colt’s snake guns continue to be popular for defense, target shooting and with collectors. For more info: (800) 962-2658,

FN 509 Midsize MRD Upgrades

Apex Tactical Specialties

Apex Tactical announces the availability of FN 509 Midsize MRD Upgrades. Here are the upgrades currently offered for the FN 509: 1) Action Enhancement Kit (part# 119-125); 2) Apex 9mm Threaded Barrel, 4″ (part# 105-072); 3) Apex Heavy Duty Striker (part# 119-185); 4) Apex Failure Resistant Extractor (part# 119-168); and 5) Apex Optic Mount for the Aimpoint Acro P-1 optic (part# 119-109). For more information: (623) 322-0200,

Ammo Klip

Ammo Armor

Ammo Armor is adding belt clips to their products after numerous customer requests. The Ammo Klip will eventually be available for all existing AMMO ARMOR models. The adjustable spring-steel clips allow users to carry the Ammo Klip on their belts or in their pockets for fast and easy access to spare magazines. For more info: (800) 542-2666,

MC1sc Stainless Two-Tone Pistol

O.F. Mossberg & Sons

X5 Buckle & Tan Tactical Gun Belt

Kore Essentials

Like other Kore Essentials gun belts, the X5 Buckle & Tan Tactical Gun Belt has no holes and no Velcro. Instead it uses a hidden track system with 40-plus micro-size positions to choose from. This gives the belt a ziptie-like fit keeping both holster and firearm secure. The newest version of the tactical belt has a reinforced power-core center for added strength and rigidity but remains flexible and comfortable to use. For more info: (619) 303-9663,

Taurus G3 Holsters

CrossBreed Holsters

Predicting a high consumer demand, Crossbreed worked with Taurus to ensure holsters will be available when the latter’s G3 semi-auto 9mm pistol was launched. The Taurus G3 Holsters are custom fit for the new polymer striker-fired G3. They include the IWB SuperTuck (in picture) and Freedom Carry for concealed carry and the SnapSlide, DropSlide, Open Top Pancake and SuperSlide for OWB. CrossBreed has also developed mag carriers to support the G3 holster options. For more info: (888) 732-5011,

Stainless Suenami 5

Grayman Knives

Grayman Knives is introducing the redesigned Suenami 5 for those who want a handy, all-purpose knife with a 5″ blade. The Suenami 5 features a full double-bevel, flat grind, 3/16″-thick 440C stainless steel blade for optimal cutting. The Suenami 5 is ruggedly built and corrosion resistant with a well-balanced configuration making it ideal for a wide range of uses. For more info:

108 Compadre Chopping Froe

Buck Knives

The 108 Compadre Chopping Froe from Buck Knives is a multi-purpose woodworking tool for outdoor activities. Made of 5160 steel, the 9.5″ blade is ideal for clearing brush, heavy chopping, splitting and batoning. Weighing under 2 lbs. and with an overall length of 163/4″, the Compadre Chopping Froe is the right size for all outdoor tasks. It comes with a genuine leather sheath. For more info: (208) 262-0500,


Starline Brass

Starline Brass will now manufacture its Part #3055 with the headstamp 12.7x42mm. The cartridge cases will still be in its original design but will no longer be stamped .50 Beowulf to comply with trademark restrictions. Designed for AR-style rifles, the 12.7x42mm is a powerful big-bore cartridge using a large magnum pistol primer. For more info: (800) 280-6660,

N1 Micro-Compact 9mm Pistol

Naroh Arms

firearm designed and produced by Naroh Arms, known for their skeletonized billet AR grips and rifle accessories. The N1 is packed with innovative features including a DAO hammer-fired operating system and aluminum internal frame offering the rigidity of an all-metal gun with the interface of a polymer pistol. The 6.1″-long N1 has a width of less than 1″ and weighs 16 oz. empty and just over 19 oz. loaded. It comes with a 7-round magazine with flush fit and extended base pads. The pistol ships with white 3-dot polymer sights and is compatible with all aftermarket G43/42 sight options. For more info: (321) 806-4875,

Classic PT 92s


Taurus has added two models to its PT 92 semi-auto pistol line. The enhanced Classic PT 92s with Brazilian walnut wood grips reflect the heritage and classic styling of the popular full-frame handgun. Available in 9mm Luger, the pistols are built on drop-hammer-forged alloy frames in matte black or natural anodized finish. The alloy steel and stainless steel slide models are offered in black matte or matte stainless finishes, respectively, both with a 5″ barrel and 17-round capacity. Other features include a manual safety and ambi decocker, integrated front sights, drift adjustable rear sights and more. For more info: (305) 624-1115,



The IWI US MASADA is a 9mm polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol. Developed to meet modern battlefield requirements, its features were selected based on input from the military, LEOs and gun enthusiasts. Ergonomically designed with ambidextrous controls, the optics-ready MASADA comes with three interchangeable back-straps and a 17+1 steel magazine. Its cold hammer-forged barrel is 4.1″ long; OAL is 7.4″. The frame is made of high-strength, impact-resistant fiberglass-reinforced polymers. For more info: (717) 695-2081,

Adjustable Pocket Holster


Versacarry introduces the the Adjustable Pocket Holster, a stylish holster with a slim design for those who carry in their pockets. Handcrafted in Texas from water buffalo leather, it uses a unique Kydex claw to retain the holster in the pocket and enables the owner to adjust it to his needs. The claw grabs the pants pocket when the pistol is drawn allowing the gun to slide out cleanly. The Adjustable Pocket Holster is offered in a variety of sizes to fit most popular handguns. For more info: (979) 778-2000,

Devil’s Claw 2

TOPS Knives

The Devil’s Claw 2 was originally designed as a deep-conceal knife. Reminiscent of karambits, it was only a matter of time before it got a makeover to become one. However, the new version is slightly more difficult to conceal. The Devil’s Claw 2 has an OAL of 7.38″ and weighs 5.6 oz. It still has the hawk bill blade shape but has a longer G10 handle with a ring at the end. Made of 1095 RC 56-58 with a Black Traction finish, the blade is 3.13″ long, 0.19″ thick and with a cutting edge of 2.75″. The Devil’s Claw 2 comes with a black Kydex sheath. For more info: (208) 542-0113,

Tac-Mat HD Long-Range Padded Shooting Mat

Lyman Products Corp.

Lyman’s Long-Range Shooting Mat is ideal for target or tactical shooting as well as varmint hunting. It offers a large footprint that works well even for tall shooters, yet rolls up to a compact, easy-to-transport size. The Long-Range Shooting Mat comes in two versions: a basic design with a 600D construction in black or FDE; or a heavy-duty (HD) version with 1000D construction in black. The comfortable 2-lb. mats will protect you from dirt, rocks, wet surfaces, insects, hot truck beds, gravel or pavement. For more info: (800) 225-9629,

Walther PPQ 9mm Compensator

Jarvis Inc.

The Walther PPQ 9mm Compensator from Jarvis Inc. reduces muzzle rise and recoil felt by the shooter while firing. With a sleek design that follows the profile of the PPQ slide, the compensator will work on both Walther factory and Jarvis threaded barrels. To install, just screw the compensator on and tighten the single set screw at the bottom with the provided hex key wrench. For more info: (406) 625-2562,

New Tactical Carry Commander

Wilson Combat

Wilson Combat’s Tactical Carry Commander has a traditional 4.25″ Commander bushing barrel for a shorter, more concealable muzzle. An ideal choice for an everyday carry piece, the pistol’s full-size carbon steel frame is fitted with a bulletproof round-butt one-piece magwell to enhance speed reloading and keep the handling similar to a full-size model. With an OAL of 7.85″, the 8-round capacity Tactical Carry Commander comes with performance and cosmetic options as carry cuts, ball end mill slide cuts, serrated top and rear of the slide and countersunk slide stop post. It is offered in .45 ACP, 9mm and 38 Super. For more info: (800) 955-4856,

563 Stag Bone Hunter Knife

Bear & Son Cutlery

The 563 Small Stag Bone Hunter from Bear & Son Cutlery is designed for big game hunters. Its 27/8″ 440 stainless steel blade is rust-resistant and easy to sharpen. The clip-point fixed blade cuts cleanly into hard-to-reach places. A genuine India Stag Bone handle gives the 563 a traditional look yet this all-around cutting tool can be confidently used with or without gloves. A nickel silver finger guard gives additional control for tough jobs. With an OAL of 61/4″, the 563 weighs 1.7 oz. and comes with a handmade leather sheath. For more info: (256) 435-2227,

Tactica Concealed Carry Leggings

Tactica Defense Fashion

Tactica Defense Fashion introduces the Tactica Concealed Carry Leggings. It adds defense options to your wardrobe allowing you to be “dressed to protect.” The leggings can be worn underneath a skirt or dress, during a workout, or anytime you want to conceal a firearm. Made of spandex and nylon, they are stretchy, soft, flexible enough to allow free movement yet thick enough for complete coverage. With two built-in holsters for a right-hand draw, you can carry appendix at the 4:30 position. A separate left-hand pocket is for your cell phone or credit card. Two additional pockets on the thighs offer additional storage. For more info: (208) 618-4101,

CZ 75 SP01 Executive Series

Guncrafter Industries

Guncrafter Industries takes the CZ 75 SP01 Executive Series of pistols to the next level by adding distinct upgrades and finishes. The pistols now have Hot Salt Blue slides with polished flats, a flush cut and crowned barrel and the company’s Slim-Tac G10 Grips. The barrel and small parts are also DLC-coated. Clear Cerakote has been applied to the color case hardened frame sporting an engraved Guncrafter Industries logo. For more info: (224) 321-5044,

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