New Products July/August 2020 Issue


Compound Gen II Essential Holster


The Compound Gen II Essential Holster is an improved version of the Compound line introduced by Versacarry last year. This new IWB model uses water buffalo leather and polymer in an ultra slim design for the user’s added comfort. It has a multi-layered construction giving the holster a rugged design and look. An adjustable draw-tension screw easily adjusts to custom fit the holster to most handguns. A forward cant makes it easy to draw a pistol from the holster. For more info: (979) 778-2000.


Wilson Combat

The Wilson Combat EXPERIOR Series of handguns blends the 1911 design with reliability and ergonomic enhancements to optimize handling and shooting performance. With the EXPERIOR lineup, Wilson Combat offers tactical, functional and cosmetic options as a standard feature. Guns in the series have a match-grade slide, frame and barrel machined and hand-fitted by Wilson Combat gunsmiths. They retain the traditional 1911-style slide serrations, fixed Wilson Combat battle sights and the classic 1911 extractor design. All EXPERIOR models sport the TRAK grip checkering pattern. For more info: (800) 955-4856.

DM Talon Karambit

Doug Marcaida Knives

The DM Talon Karambit is designed by Forged In Fire’s Doug Marcaida and produced by 5.11 Tactical. A compact, lightweight and easy-to-conceal knife, the karambit mimics an eagle’s retractable talon. Its angled, D2 steel blade for thrusting and slashing is also slightly curved for hook and control. The skeletonized handle with clear scales makes the karambit blend with the user’s clothing and seem like it is part of the hand. For more info: (646) 737-3075.



The Puna is an ideal everyday carry tool. Modeled on an assault rilfe, this multi-tool is 3.15″ long and can fit in the palm of your hand. Made of stainless steel, it has six built-in functions including a scalpel, hex tool, bottle opener, keychain attachment and breakaway handle. Five backup No. 11 scalpel blades and flathead as well as Phillips driver attachments are included. The Puna comes in a protective hard case. For more info:

Blue Guardian Defense & Training Ammo


Fiocchi merges the latest cartridge technology with their Old-World heritage craftsmanship to deliver the Blue Guardian Defense &Training Ammo. Blue Guardian is a line of lead-free, specialized ammo for law enforcement and personal defense. Blue Guardian FR is for high volume training; Blue Guardian HP is for duty/personal/home use especially in hard structures where ricochet is a concern; and Blue Guardian SC is for optimal penetration, weight retention and terminal performance in soft tissue. A full line of Fiocchi’s defense and training ammo can be found on their web site. For more info: (417) 449-1038.

Micro Plus Mag Holster

Remora Holsters

The Micro Plus Mag Holster offers lowest profile concealment with Remora’s Original Non-Slip outer material or the new GEN II. Lining is Standard Denier or Plush. The Remora Plus Mag Holster is designed with an attached compartment to carry an extra magazine, speed strip, small flashlight or knife. You can choose from the Micro Plus Mag Original No Clip with Non-Slip Material or the Micro Plus Mag Gen II with Non-Slip Material. When placing your order, you need to indicate gun type, make and model.
For more info: (239) 316-7770.

AC-800 Bold Action VIII

Bear & Son

Bear OPS introduces the AC-800-CF-S, a pocketknife that’s sleek, lightweight and with on-demand action. The knife’s slim design is ideal for all-day carry with casual or dress attire. The 2.5″ blade is made of Sandvik 14C28N with a 58-60 HRC; handle material is stainless steel with carbon fiber. Closed length is 4″. A pen-type clip allows for deep carry and makes it look like a pen tucked in a pocket or inside a briefcase. Bear OPS is Bear & Son’s tactical knife brand specializing in military and law enforcement knives. For more info: (800) 844-3034.

Deka ABLE Lock Folder

Hogue Knives

With a thin profile, natural ergonomics, light weight and smooth action, Hogue Knives’ Deka ABLE Lock Folder is ideal for everyday carry. Its 3.25″-long wharncliffe blade with ambi thumb studs has a 59-61 HRC and Black Cerakote finish. Made of CPM 20CV stainless steel, the 0.094″-thick blade is controlled by the ABLE locking mechanism with a tough lock bar and Wolff wire-form springs. The Deka’s handle is G-Mascus Dark Earth G10 Scales with Crosshatch Texture. OAL is 7.5″; weight is 2.3 oz. For more info: (800) 438-4747.

Single-Shot Self-Defense Pistol


ALTOR describes their unique Single-Shot Self-Defense Pistol as “Perfectly Simple and Simply Perfect.” With a total of six parts, only two parts connect to load and fire. Offered in .380 ACP and 9mm Luger, it’s a simple striker-fired operation. All metal parts are quality stainless steel while synthetic parts are firearms grade premium polymer. Lightweight and fully ambidextrous, its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and carry. The pistol includes a unique, firm trigger pull for light recoil, a traditional button safety plus an additional barrel safety. An integral extractor make reloading easy and quick. For more info: (602) 441-4077.

Model 2020 K6s

Kirkpatrick Leather Co.

The Model 2020 K6s is an ultra-concealable OWB Holster for the Kimber K6s. The holster was designed to keep the revolver close to the body. Handcrafted from the finest American leather, the holster is contoured to the hip for comfort and concealment with a slight FBI cant to minimize profile. There are 11/2″ belt slots to keep your revolver from shifting or moving. The Model 2020 K6s is hand molded to fit with no break-in required, hand dyed for a beautiful finish and hand burnished with dyed edges. Double stitching with heavy duty thread ensures durability. For more info: (956) 723-6893.


TOPS Knives

The Dicer from TOPS Knives brings “useful uniqueness” to the kitchen. Almost 4″ at its widest point, the handle is pushed forward into the blade and designed specifically to provide a comfortable pinch grip when using it. Cut down on food prep time and dirty dishes by using the flat as a spatula. The 7″-long blade is made of 440C RC 58-60 with a tumble finish; the handle is Black Canvas or Red/Black G10. The Dicer comes with a black Kydex sheath. For more info: (208) 542-0113.

6A Ambi Waistband Holster

Bianchi Holsters

The 6A Ambi Waistband Holster from Bianchi Holsters is ultra-thin and lightweight with four different ways to carry. It features an ambidextrous design providing strong side and crossdraw carry, as well as IWB and OWB carry. It is designed to accept multiple handguns in one size due to the soft suede construction and Bianchi’s Adjust-A-Break thumb break closure. The thumb break has a polymer-tipped snap closure with suede straps. It can be adjusted to securely fit around several different-sized pistols, or removed for those who prefer an open-top design. For more info: (908) 528-3826.

Pivot Pro Knife & Tool Sharpener

Work Sharp Sharpeners

The Pivot Pro Knife & Tool Sharpener is one of five new manual sharpeners launched by Work Sharp Sharpeners. The handheld tool sharpens and hones knives, scissors, shears and garden tools. The other products are the Pivot Knife Sharpener, Pivot Plus Knife Sharpener, Micro Sharpener & Knife Tool and the Angle Set Knife Sharpener. These products use Work Sharp’s Convex Carbide Sharpening System to create a superior convex edge quickly and easily. For more info: (800) 597-6170.

Mantis X10 Elite


The Mantis X10 Elite is a non-descript black plastic gadget about half the size of a matchbox. You clip it to your practice firearm using the accessory rail and wirelessly connect (via bluetooth) to your Apple or Android portable device. Once it’s running, the little black box sends a wide range of data to your mobile device, which then analyzes and displays the results. Whether you’re using a rifle, shotgun or pistol, dry or live fire, or a CO2 gun, the Mantis X10 gives data about how you use your gun, including recoil and holster draw analysis. It records, analyzes and interprets the info to guide you to be a better shooter. For more info: (630) 551-8171.

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