Pocketknife Zen

Why a traditional folding knife? There are several very good reasons to carry a pocketknife, even if in addition to your self-defense carry. For starters, many are multi-blades which have different blade styles and sizes, with some being tools. This offers the user much more flexibility than a one-blade carry. Secondly, smaller blades are better suited for finer tasks than are big ones. Try cleaning the grit under your nails with the 4" beasty blade on your tactical folder — or sharpening a pencil, peeling an apple and opening a letter. You get the picture. Small blades are simply handier for more detailed tasks.

Thirdly, pocketknives are diverse in their various configurations — from handles to blades and tools — so you can tailor your knife to your needs. Want a hard working, straight-edged Wharncliff blade? No problem. A Coping blade for wood carving? Piece of cake. A Flathead screwdriver? Got you covered.

On a final note, pocketknives “just feel good.” There is a warm and fuzzy feeling about holding and admiring an old-time folder a hard-angled tactical knife just can’t touch. There’s a certain magic to those nicely rounded nickel silver bolsters on either side of beautiful jigged bone, stag, exotic wood, and even Mother of Pearl. Pocketknives exude finery, capture the past, and warm the cockles.