Innovation Abounds

The combination of Bloch’s creative mind and mechanical engineering skills are evident in the Outdoor Edge line. One such example is their cutting-edge Razor-Safe knives. “This line of knives makes up our top sellers,” Bloch states. “These replaceable blade knives feature our patented Razor-Safe system that allows for fast, safe blade changes. They feature a sandwiched black-oxide coated blade holder that encloses around the blade to give the strength of a standard knife and the sharpness of a surgeon’s scalpel. When the blade goes dull, simply push the lock button in the handle to remove and insert a shaving-sharp new blade.

“Our most popular model for hunters is the Razor-Pro dual blade knife with our standard razor blade on one side and second gutting blade on the other. The Razor-Pro comes with a Mossy Oak nylon belt sheath and six replacement blades,” he explained. The company also offers the Razor-Lite EDC, featuring a one-piece Grivory handle with rubberized TPR inserts plus a pocket clip, making it a great utility knife for everyday carry.

The original ParaClaw knife bracelet was the brainchild of professional bounty hunter Fugi Escobido, who wanted a defensive blade he could draw quickly and easily from the wrist in case a fugitive went for his handgun. Outdoor Edge’s latest upgrade is the ParaClaw CQD Watch. “It has a quality, water-resistant timepiece with a Japanese quartz movement,” Bloch informs, “and offers quick access to a 1.5" Hawkbill blade in the paracord wristband that serves as a small yet effective EDC knife for emergency, survival or personal defense. The knife buckle locks the knife securely and, once deployed, the bracelet forms the knife handle.”