Pistol Slicker


Pistol Slicker

Alpine products is well known for their “Spudz” micro-fiber lens cleaning cloth riding in its own little bag with a clip. I’ve used them for years and they work great. I’m sure you’ve seen ‘em. The cloth stays attached to the bag so you just dig it out, wipe your lens down and stuff it back in. It’s simple and useful and you soon can’t live without one for your carry optics and glasses.

Darren Jones, the CEO and “chief inventor” at Alpine spends huge amounts of time in the outdoors hunting and fishing. This has led to some 20 patents and 30 or so unique “outdoorsy” products for shooting, hunting, camping/hiking and fishing. From scope covers, ammo carriers, binocular accessories and rifle slings to even more cool things, each product will have you nodding and saying, “Hey, that’s a good idea.” Darren’s latest is typical of his simple but brilliant solutions to real problems hunters and outdoor adventurers have. Namely — how do you keep your handgun handy but out of the weather?

The Pistol Slicker is a very basic “holster on a backing pad” set-up, easily attached to a simple harness system. This harness can do double duty as a chest or thigh rig and the holster just clips to the harness. The holster can handle autos (think: 1911 size or so), and up to about 4″ large-frame revolvers, like S&W Model 29-sized wheelguns. Once the gun is holstered, an attached waterproof cover just slips over the entire pad, covering the gun. It stays in place with an elastic band around the edge. You just tug it off and it stays attached at the bottom. The gun draws easily, re-holsters easily and the cover slips back on fast and sure. This is darn clever, if you ask me, and the perfect way to keep your hunting or defensive handgun clean, dry and handy when you’re in the woods.

I’m going to use mine during dusty summer days mowing on the tractor. I also found it keeps small twigs and grabby bits of bushes from trying to steal your gun or pull at your holster. It’s only $49.99, which is less than you’d pay for even an inexpensive field holster. Repeat after me: “Why didn’t I think of this?” For more info: www.alpineproducts.com, Ph: (801) 766-4994

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