rcbs universal hand
priming tool


Since we’re talking about reloading in this issue, it would be a faux pas of epic proportions to not mention the tool I use more than any other — the RCBS Universal Hand Priming Tool. If you use a single-stage reloading press, handling the priming operation separately can save lots of time and aggravation. Even if you use a progressive, offloading primer seating can often make sense, especially with finicky presses or calibers.

With this tool, say goodbye to caliber-specific adapters forever. Insert a cartridge case between the spring-loaded clamps and it’s automatically centered and ready to go. The heavy-duty grips won’t give you blisters after a few hundred cases and will last a lifetime. The primer reservoir doubles as a “flip tray” to orient a box of primers properly in seconds. And the tray is segregated from the primer insertion punch to protect against mass detonation. A brilliant and “must have” tool! RCBS.com

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