Recycled Firefighter First
Responder Notebook


The note-taking tool you’re getting out in the middle of a fire or rescue situation isn’t going to be your delicate smartphone. Well, maybe it is. But that’s a risky venture. Better would be something like this notebook. It’s made from the same material used to wrap firehose — in this case, one of the most durable polyester fabrics you can find. You know what firehose does when it’s in service, right? Fully charged with water, it’s dragged over pavement, broken glass, nails, jagged steel and whatever else you’ll find on the ground. So it’s tough. Really tough. As such, the notebook inside is well-protected. Even better, the notebook inside is made by Rite in the Rain. Amazing stuff, you can take notes in a downpour. No fooling.

The notebook cover stays intact because it’s stitched together with T90 nylon thread and supported inside by a full leather sleeve to hold the notebook. It also sports a 1.5″ leather pen slot on the outside and a .5″ elastic strap around the opening to keep it closed when you want it to stay closed. The whole thing measures only 5.75″ x 3.5″ so it’ll fit in the front pocket of your turnout gear or in any regular jacket, shirt or pants pocket. Retail price: $29.

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