SB Tactical SBPDW


Look, we all know MSR-based pistols are way cool. But, are they practical? They can be big, heavy, loud and sometimes difficult to shoot. Heck, who are we kidding? The fun factor outweighs any and all of these concerns. But what if there was a product making them easier to shoot? Well, sign me up!

Enter the SBPDW from SB Tactical, a Pistol Stabilizing Brace for enhancing the control you exert over your “mega pistol” while on the range. If you’re unfamiliar with the SB Tactical stabilizing braces, they were designed by a US veteran to provide disabled shooters a way to have full control over their firearm. The brace fits over the forearm and has an adjustable nylon strap to affix it.

The SBPDW from SB Tactical is three-position adjustable and attaches to the rear lower receiver of MSR-based pistols. Featuring a proprietary buffer tube, it is compatible with mil-spec bolt carrier groups and carbine buffers and springs.

The SBPDW is adjustable for length with three adjustment positions manipulated by a lever/button on the lower face. Fully collapsed the SBPDW is 6.75″ long; in the middle position, 8.125″ long; and fully extended it’s 9.375″. The weight of the solidly built brace is a hefty 18.14 ozs.

I recently got a Springfield Armory SAINT Pistol in 5.56mm, coming with a perfectly capable SB Tactical SBX-K Forearm Brace. However, I wanted something I could collapse to a smaller size for transport and storage. When I spotted the SBPDW, I knew I had to try it out. So, I put in my order for it in black for $299.99 (you can get it in FDE for $319.99) and waited excitedly for its arrival.

I installed it on the SAINT (it only took me about 15 minutes with a minimum of fumbling on my part!) and had it ready for the range. As I suspected, it took an already great gun and made it even betterer! The SBPDW was easy to use and operate, and really enhanced the 5.56mm pistol for me. It’s not cheap, but I think it’s definitely worth it. For more info:

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