Simtek StealthALERT Multi-Sensor


Safes and lockboxes are a necessity for responsible gun storage and security from theft, but wouldn’t it be great to know if someone was messing with them in your absence?

The Simtek StealthALERT multi-sensor keeps an eye on things while you’re away. A motion sensor detects movement nearby, like when a safe door is opened. A light sensor performs an overlapping function, letting you know when a door, cabinet, or closet is opened, assuming it’s normally dark inside. The vibration alert lets you know when the unit itself is moved. If someone tries to steal the whole lockbox, you’ll know, even if it hasn’t yet been opened.

The system uses whatever cell network is accessible (no WiFi or Bluetooth required) to send alerts via text message and via a smartphone app. In my testing, the app told me within 15 seconds of any type of disturbance. Get creative, there are lots of uses for this device!

Simtek StealthALERTS will be available in retail channels soon, but you can order one directly from the company for $150.

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