Best Of Both Worlds

Ruger recently released a Lipsey’s Exclusive 4 5/8″-barreled New Vaquero in a dual-cylindered package, chambered for 9mm and .357 Mag. to give shooters maximum utility and versatility. Common 9mm rounds, .38 Spl. ammo and .357 Mag.

Cartridges can all be shot from this perfectly sized packing pistola’ while one is afield. Simply slipping the cylinder pin and swapping cylinders is all that’s necessary when one wants to shoot 9mm or the .38/.357 Maggie.

The mid-framed Ruger New Vaquero comes with a short 45/8″ barrel with fixed front blades and hog trough rear sights for statue-like stability and ruggedness. The stocks are gunslinger-style sculpted hardwood, which feel good in the hand. Total empty weight is 43 oz. and overall length is 10.375″.

This sixgun has Ruger’s transfer-bar safety, so six cartridges can be carried safely without fear of firing should the gun be dropped. Also, the pre-1962 XR-3 Grip Frame is used for a true “Colt-like” feel of the famed SAA. This is a gem of a gun for any outdoorsman who wants the ability to shoot a multitude of ’munitions.