Streak Ammo


Ammo Inc. — which has been around making more conventional but very high quality ammo for some time — has announced their new non-incendiary tracer ammo. Right now, in 9mm, .40 and .45 ACP, it uses a “cold” tracer technology so it’s safe where conventional tracers could start fires, for instance. They’re offered in “ball” configuration for training, practice, plinking and for plain old fun shooting. Interestingly enough, they’re also offered as defensive loads using hollow point bullets and the same cold tracer technology.

In my own informal tests at night on my property, I have to say they work great. My 9mm rounds seemed to make it to my target, which at the point I was shooting was about 100 yards away. I could clearly see a bright red “streak” toward my aiming point and confess I started to grin. This was fun. I’m not sure what their total “burn” time is but will shoot some at longer distances and get back to you on it. This first shot was followed up with more — and faster shooting made me think I was engaging retreating enemy planes. Or was I maybe shooting a laser gun at a Storm Trooper? Pew-Pew. It could happen.

Prices are surprisingly affordable, with a 20-round box of 9mm going for about $12.99 for the FMJ 147-gr. load (at about 920 fps). The defensive HP (a 115) goes for $17.99 and runs about 1,125 fps according to Streak’s chart. The .40 and .45 ACP are a few dollars more, and they do offer bulk discounts. All in all, it’s cheaper than most premium defensive ammo (especially the FMJ stuff) and you get the fun of the streak!

This would be safe and fun on an indoor range and certainly offers some training opportunities as it would allow shooters and instructors to actually “see” where misses are going and correct accordingly. I’m sure other ideas will surface as more and more consumers get ahold of this very fun idea. I pulled a bullet so you could see the base, so check out the picture. I don’t know how they do this, so it must be magic.

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