The Third Course

TOPS Knives’ third phase of their camp cutlery strategy was to go mainstream with knives you might see around your home kitchen, but geared toward the outdoors, too. “Leo Espinoza, our CEO, has wanted to do a line of kitchen knives for a long time now — as have I.” Craig notes. “We decided to give the first chance at a TOPS kitchen knife to one of our employees. For three years now, we’ve done an employee design competition where the winner gets to have a knife they designed made by TOPS with them credited as the designer. They get serial number 1 of their design and a couple of other perks. So, the Dicer 8 Chef’s knife was designed by TOPS photographer/graphics guy Jesus Arellano. His design beat out over 20 other submitted drawings by other employees.

“The first knife in the line is the Dicer 8 Chef’s knife,” Powell continued. “This is the primary knife in any kitchen set. Without a chef’s knife, a set could never be considered complete. The blade is roughly 8" long. It’s a slight departure from normal chef’s knives as it has a little more belly than you’d normally see from a chef’s knife, but the performance from the blade is excellent. It’s made of CPM S35VN stainless steel at 3/32" thick. There is a high grind to the blade and the handle is very comfortable as well. We decided to go with blue/black G10 with a smooth finish to avoid having bacteria collect on the handle.