Wagan Tech FlexxLite


Here’s a nifty tool for your gun bench, safe, reloading projects, or almost anything else — the Wagan Tech FlexxLite.

The system is anchored by a flexible but not really 18″ bendy bar that’s easy to shape but remains however you leave it. It has enough rigidity to support the dual LED lights on each end. Coil it like a snake, with the lights pointed wherever you like. Wrap it around something above your workspace. Or, the coolest of all, hook it around the back of your neck and point the lights at whatever you’re working on. It is the A-Number-1 handiest portable lighting device I’ve seen.

Each light (red parts in the picture) pops out of the snake-like holder so you can use them as hand-held lights in small paces. Each has a forward-facing focused beam (adjustable intensity) and a side panel for broad lighting. This offers three white light temperatures. Each light unit is USB-C rechargeable. Wagan.com

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