Unique Business Model

To compete in a packed cutlery market laden with heavy hitters, the GiantMouse guys knew they had to stand out in the crowd — so they chose a unique business plan. “We have two lines of knives, our GM line and our ACE line,” Wirth states. “The GM line consists of limited-edition models in small batches which are discontinued once sold out. We have introduced seven of these unique models in the GM line over the past five years. Each model in the GM line has two versions. The GMx version is produced as 300 numbered units in a particular finish, and the GMPx version is produced as 100 numbered units in a special finish stamped with our ‘pirate mouse’ logo. The ACE line includes our unlimited models, which are continually restocked once sold out. Each model in the ACE line may appear in several versions with different handle materials, colors and blade finishes.” Covering both the high-end and affordable markets gave GiantMouse a broader base than had they chosen to pursue only one group of knife users.