XS R3D 2.0 Night Sights


New stuff from XS Sights. With all the recent announcements, XS is becoming even more of the leading DIY gun upgrade company.

The new version of the R3D sights is designed with special lead-in areas on the sight dovetail combined with a crush zone. The idea is to make it even easier for people like you and me to install the sights at home without special gunsmithing tools. The net effect is, according to the company, a 50% reduction in force required to put the sights in place and (usually) no need for filing or sanding. Of course, XS offers affordable sight installation kits and bundles too.

The R3D 2.0 offers a sizable Tritium front dot surrounded by an orange or green photoluminescent ring for light-to-dark transitions. The rear sight has even brighter Tritium lamps set in a blacked-out, serrated rear body that reduces glare. A vertical rear ledge can be used for emergency slide manipulation. XSSights.com

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