A Close Look At: Accessing Accessories

7 Quick Sure-Thing Hits

I like the minimalist approach — but I don’t want to be without, and neither do you. Key accessories spice up your shooting, make gun care easier and can even keep you safer if you play your cards right and make smart decisions. Here’s a bunch of stuff which has made our “Approved” list. It’s not everything cool, but it might get you thinking about what you may need to keep your gun-gear in a happy place, as it were.

XS Tritium

The XS’s Tritium Express Set is the perfect fix for stock sights. The keep-it-simple design makes it easy. The dots on the 24/7 are made with Trijicon Tritium in the front and back so you know the illumination is great. The sights are the perfect combination of high visibility and low profile, perfect for the IWB set up.


The LaserMax Spartan SPS-G is a slim-design laser, fat on options. Pick your color too since the Spartan comes in green and red. The Spartan is battle tested to hold zero even after lots of range time. It has an auto shut off feature, and you can easily activate the laser using the ambidextrous electronic pad. Options include constant-on or strobe.

Revision Eye glasses

These comfortable glasses from Revision wrap around for full protection, and as a bonus come in an array of cool colors. The lenses pop in and out easily to change colors or needs. These glasses are mil-spec and battle-tested and there’s no shortage of stories and photos of IED fragments stopped short by these great glasses.

Sport EAR

Sport EAR shows us big things do come in small packages. The sleek design gives the X-Pro a low profile, with variable levels of hearing protection. The little button inside the plugs takes the noise reduction from 19db to 30db with a quick push. The comfy insert fit 97 percent of ears, and at around $20 are easy to buy too.

Real Avid

Real Avid’s multi-tool is more like a tool box than a tool. Folded, the Pistol Tool is less than 4″ long so it’s easy to carry with you and store anywhere. When you open this tool it expands into 18 different tools! The components are titanium-coated stainless steel so they’re built to last. Whatever the job, the Pistol Tool can likely handle it in the field.

Trigger Guard

The Trigger Guard looks more like an “unholster” but it does everything you need a holster to do. You can order the Trigger Guard with a soft loop as an IWB holster. Or you can attach the holster to something with a bit of paracord. The paracord option makes it perfect for pocket or bag carry. It’s made of carbon fiber and covers just the trigger, so you don’t have to worry about what lights and lasers fit in what holster. Handy?

US Peacekeepers

US Peacekeeper makes a full line of cool gear, from combat-ready, to range bags and toting a gun concealed. They’ve got rifles bags, shooting mats made of 1000 denier and 3-Gun ready bags, just to name a few. They also have a whole line of ladies gear. Their covert bags masquerading as laptop bags for the low-profile look make perfect sense too.

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