A Close Look At: Airguns/Airsoft

Old West Meets High Tech

Airguns are not new to my house. I’ve watched my son, Bryce, put on more gear than I’ve ever worn to work to partake in this sport. When His Editorship told me to take a look into airguns I figured it’d also be a dandy way for me to find out where all my money has been going to feed Bryce’s habit.

If you’re looking to don gear and skirmish, the FN duo of the SCAR and the FNX-45 is the complete package. Both the FN SCAR and the FNX-45 give you the same feel and operation of today’s guns. The John Wayne-endorsed Colt .45 SAA will transport you back to the days when the west was fun, er, I mean, won. Make no mistake about it though, these BB guns aren’t just for weekend fun. They’re taking the competitive shooting world by storm too and are a great way to introduce a new shooter to what we love to do!

Airgun Umerex

The Duke himself would approve of Umarex’s Peacemaker revolver. Distributed by Pyramyd Air, the weight and feel of this pistola is all Colt. The single action .45 caliber Colt Army model is so cool you’ll hear theme music from Red River or Rooster Cogburn playing when you hold it. The Duke Single Action Revolver is actually .177 BB, and it sends ‘em out at over 300 fps. One of the cool things about it is the BB’s load into an actual “cartridge” and when you drop the “.45” into the cylinder everything operates as a Colt.

Airgun FN

The FN Herstal FNX-45 Tactical Airsoft Gas Blowback (distributed by Cybergun S.A.) is a replica of the FNX-45. It’s “chambered” in 6mm and has a projectile speed of around 320 fps. You get the DA/SA versatility you’d get from your real combat FNX-45, and this airsoft blowback pistol comes complete with ambi-grip and you can even de-cock it. It also comes with a Picatinny accessory rail.


The CA FN SCAR-L Sportline AEG Tan CQB (distributed by Cybergun S.A.) is the CA-legal fully automatic FN SCAR-L — complete with Laser Engraved FN Herstal Trademarks. This will complement the pistol and AR set. This rifle has a full metal upper receiver, rails and barrel assembly and even comes with a tactical fore grip. The fully adjustable and retractable folding stock slaps back so you can sling this CQB-ready machine! Want to shoot this bad boy off of a rest? The bipod is included. The adjustable cheek riser and rubber butt pad on the stock give you an optimum fit. Of course it has fully adjustable flip-up front and rear sights so you can put those rails to use. It’s made to accommodate optics. This airsoft rifle has a tested projectile speed of 420 fps and can go into full auto mode too.


Excite Smart Shot

Air Venturi H&N Excite Smart Shot .177 Cal, 7.7 Grain, Copper Plated Lead BB’s (distributed by Pyramyd Air) helps to minimize richochet when shooting BB’s. Ricochet is still a safety issue when many all-steel BB’s are going over 400 fps. The H&N Excite Plated Lead BBs are the perfect ammo for shooting, especially when it comes to shooting at steel. Their design allows them to flatten and drop, instead of bounce back. These copper plated BB’s are coated twice and are the exact same size as the traditional BB. Steel BB’s can accelerate wear to your magazines — who knew? —and these new lead ones are said to be easier on your magazines, and your gun.


The Crosman Powerlet 12-gram CO2 cartridges provide you with a snug fit and solid seal for a reliable, consistent performance with almost any gas-powered gun. We go through a ton of these in my house — think canned CO2 isn’t a big deal? Wait until you get a “dud.” With a name like Crosman you know you’re getting quality.

Air Venturi

Air Venturi’s Auto-Rotating Wonder Wheel Target System (distributed by Pyramyd Air) is the mobile range for airguns. Tired of shooting at cans and whatever else you shouldn’t be shooting at? The Wonder Wheel is an easy to assemble moving target system. It’s safe starting at 10 yards — even with BB’s traveling up to 600 fps. If you want to move it back some, you can let your higher powered airguns in on the plinking fun. It auto rotates so you can really challenge yourself and other shooters. The heavy-duty metal frame and targets are corrosion-resistant. You use the system anywhere, even indoors if you have that kind of space. If you’ve ever done this on “real” steel targets you know it’s harder than it looks.


SIG Sauer introduced the P226 Advanced Sport Pellet to their line of pistols and rifles. The CO2 powered pistol is blowback operated and weighs about as much as its centerfire “big brother.” SIG also replicated weight and trigger pull. The .177 caliber pellet travels 510 FPS, so you can use your P226 for fun or for training. The ASP line is engineered to SIG Sauer’s elite standards. The MSRP of $110.99 means you can afford to shoot it every day.

SGI Sauer Shooting Gallery

SIG Sauer knows practice makes perfect! The SIG Quad Shooting Gallery comes with four “knock-down” targets and the iconic SIG target as the reset. The Shooting Gallery is all metal with a powder coating, so you can enjoy it year round. The Quad Shooting Gallery is the perfect training center for use with your .177 and .22 pellets.