ArachniGrip Slide Spider


The Slide Spider from ArachniGrip is a great addition for your preferred CCW pistol. It's easy to install, affordable and just plain looks cool!

I have to give credit to ArachniGrip on style. Their products immediately caught my eye as soon as I first saw them. From the product names to the colors to the company logo, this is something that stands out from the pack. In particular, I was looking at their “Slide Spider,” available for a dizzyingly broad range of handguns.

What is it, exactly? A sticker for your gun? Well, not exactly. It turns out it’s so much more. An adhesive slide grip, the Slide Spider is designed to amp up the performance of your slide racking grooves with a material that is reminiscent of skateboard tape. I know, we’ve seen these before, right? Well, in addition to packing in a ton of style, they are minimalist while providing the most gripping enhancement possible.

I tried out the black Slide Spider with red logo on my M&P M.20 Compact 9mm and was really impressed.

As an avid M&P fan these days, I directed my search on their site to the Smith & Wesson section and discovered options for my Shield 9mm and my M&P M2.0 Compact. I ordered a black sample with red spider logo for the M2.0 Compact and a red one with the black spider logo for the Shield. ArachniGrip offers the Slide Spiders with or without the spider logo, and also with the option of national or state flags as well as a wide range of custom options. Trust me, for being “just” a sticker, ArachniGrip offers some really cool options.

I put a red Slide Spider on my Shield, which matched up nicely with my red Apex Tactical trigger.

I fitted out the two Slide Spiders on my two Smiths (the red on the Shield worked out particularly well as I have a red Apex Tactical trigger in the pistol). The kit comes with alcohol wipes to clean the slide, and I was able to install both of them in about five minutes.

As far as handling goes, I’ve always found the M&P series’ slide grooves to be a tad shallow, but the Slide Spiders made them practically stick to my hands when I was operating the slide. I was immediately impressed by how such a simple product added so much user enhancement I also found that the surface “tackiness” of the Slide Spider matched up nicely with the enhanced grip surface of the M2.0 pistol.

Be sure to check the Slide Spider out for yourself. Priced at $19.95 and with two samples in each package, this is a low-cost way to really amp up the handling characteristics of your carry pistol. To learn more, visit