Magnum Research

The third sixgun of the day came out in the form of Magnum Research’s BFR — Biggest Finest Revolver. This is yet another example of a super strong, well-built single-action sixgun. The BFR is an intentionally large, heavy revolver capable of handling robust recoil. The additional weight is your friend with top-end loads. Not long ago on an axis deer hunt in Texas, the 10" .460 S&W Mag. model I used tipped the scales at 4.7 pounds before mounting a Leupold scope. I can honestly tell you the weight came in mighty handy with full-house loads.

BFR chambers large caliber cartridges ideally suited for big game, including, believe it or not, .450 Marlin and .45-70. Their barrels are hand lapped and precision crowned. The soft-brushed finish is eye-pleasing and weather resistant too. This particular range day I was shooting a 5" .44 Magnum version.

Recently, Magnum Research has upgraded their BFR series of revolvers by redesigning the hammer spur. It now stands taller and narrower than previous models. It was raised to enhance cocking. New, one-piece soft rubber grips have been redesigned with a taper specifically made for single-action shooting. This revised ergonomic design is a tad longer than the original two-piece grips. The Hogue rubber grip is comfortable and not abrasive to the hand under heavy .44 Mag. loads. Another refinement included on beefy BFR revolvers is the new logo. Doesn’t affect shooting whatsoever but it looks cool.