ca-legal colt night cobra


Four Colt revolvers were recently added to the California “certified for sale” roster approved by the state’s Department of Justice. They passed all the hoopla-tests and can now be sold through licensed dealers there. The models include the 2″ stainless matte Cobra with fiber-optic sight (Model SM2FO), and the bigger brushed stainless 3″ .357 King Cobra with brass bead front sight (Model KCOBRA-SB3BB).

I particularly like the variants of the 2″ matte blue DLC-coated (Diamond-Like Carbon) Night Cobra model — both are .38’s. One has custom Colt G10 grips and night sights (Model COBRA-MB2NS). The other, our photo gun, has hyena brown grips (I think they’re VZ grips) and a brass bead front sight (Model COBRA-HB2BB-HB). Note the snubbed hammer. This is very much like an old school “Detective Special” or “Cobra.” The base gun is stainless steel so unlike the original weighing 15 oz., this model weighs about 25 oz., or about like a Walther PPK at 24 oz.

It’s a 6-shooter, with an overall length right at 7.25″ and is rated for +P ammo if this matters to you. We’ve tried the parent guns and the action is smooth and pretty light and we’ve been impressed with them. Price is likely around the $800 range but wasn’t quite set when we wrote this. It’s nice to see Colt return to the revolver business! For more info:

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