Going Long

While we are on the subject of Traditions Single Actions, I recently had a chance to try out one of their Pietta-manufactured .45 Buntline Specials. Just as with the engraved Traditions Single Actions, this one operates like a Colt for loading and unloading while having a transfer bar safety at the same time. With a 12″ barrel and one-piece walnut stocks, it’s exceptionally attractive. The blue finish is excellent, wood to metal fit is near perfect, and the lockup is as tight as I have ever seen on any factory produced revolver. When the hammer is cocked the cylinder locks up tightly — and I do mean tightly — and there is absolutely no side-to-side movement nor end shake.

The Traditions Buntline Single Action was test-fired with three loads. The Black Hills 230-gr. .45 Schofield clocked out at 810 fps with five shots in 1″, Black Hills 250-gr. .45 Colt went 830 fps with a 7/8″ group, and the HSM 250-gr. .45 Colt load clocked out at 820 fps and puts five shots in a tight 5/8″ group. This is exceptional performance from this .45 sixgun and even pretty good shooting on my part.

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