Trigger Performance

The out-of-the-box Basic Pyramid and connector in this pistol yielded a clean 3.25 lbs. when I measured pull weight from the center of the trigger face. If you want to tweak your pull weight and sensation, just experiment with the company’s 2-, 3-, 4-, 4.5- and 6-lb. striker springs.

The trigger moves almost exactly 1/4", grit free, until it hits a smooth pressure wall. With no pressure variance, you’ll experience an actual crisp, but surprise break. It’s fantastic. What really got my attention was the reset. After just 1/8" forward travel, you’ll hear and feel a you-can’t-miss-it-unless-you’re-unconscious reset, at which point you’re ready to fire again. The raison d’être of this system is speed.

Speaking of speed, this GSX100 features a skeletonized striker. Made from steel, this Titanium Nitride treated part also wears a nifty gold finish. It features a slightly extended tip for more reliable ignition and the skeletonized design lightens it up, making things move just a hair faster.