Close Look: Airguns

Airguns, Targets, Accessories And Other Tempting Teasers. Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’ With All The Bells And Whistles!

Airguns promise to bridge the gap between plinking and training. Highly accurate semi-auto pistols, bolt-action rifles, even full-scale AR styles await the adventure. Yep, these precision shooters are ready. How about a a CO2-powered SBR feeling and acting just like your “real” gun? It sets up exactly the same and suddenly you can run drills in your back yard! From targets to expendables, here’s a tiny sneak peek at what’s new!

Eley Ammo

ELEY is recognized as a premiere pellet manufacturer for hunting, competition and recreation. Not just re-branding, but crafting their pellets from raw material gives Eley total control over quality. The Ventus is offered in three sizes 4.49, 4.50 and 4.51mm (.177). You can select the exact size of the .177 performing best in your gun. Brilliant!


The Fortitude, in Crosman’s Benjamin family, is a multi-shot repeater with a regulator using interchangeable 10-shot rotary magazines for bolt-action firing. The Fortitude uses a 3,000-psi max fill pressure with up to 90 shots per fill. The regulator built into the reservoir controls the output air pressure for shot-to-shot consistency. It’s available in .177 and .22 caliber and comes with a 5-year warranty. The high capacity and consistency means this rifle can go from family range time to hunting.


The Hornet Maxxim from Gamo USA is available in .22 and .177, and the Whisper Maxxim sound suppression technology won’t scare off the prey! The Inert Gas Technology not only delivers consistent power, but the minimized vibration means less wear and tear on the scope. GAMO’s Custom Action Trigger is a two-stage adjustable trigger with a crisp pull. Hunting small game with the Hornet Maxxim is sure to be a great time shared with friends and family.


Remember plinking cans with a Daisy when you were young? With the Daisy Rocket Shot you activate the fun by shooting the bottom target to release the spring. This shoots the can into the air, so one shooter can push the “button” and the other shooter can shoot the can out of the air. Or you can fine tune your own skills. Repeat as required!

SIG Sauer

SIG SAUER’s MPX SBR uses 90 Gram C02 cylinders, a “real” magazine for pellets and controls mirroring the real gun. At first — and second look — your brain just doesn’t believe this isn’t the real thing! It’s great fun, as fast as you can pull the trigger! The 1911 Spartan (L) and P320 (R) also mirror SIG’s “real” guns offering training — and fun — opportunities galore. SIG also supplies branded gas cartridges, pellets and BB’s so you get SIG quality at every step.

SIG Sauer Targets

SIG’s broad line of reactive targets for airguns are high quality, challenging and downright fun. After these pretty pics were taken, the targets have lived hard lives “out back” and keep coming back for more. Always wear safety glasses or, like your mom always said: “You’ll shoot your eye out!” The SIG Max Michel BB 1911 is there for size.


Airgun Round-Up! Too many to fit in print!

SIG Sauer Shooting Gallery

SIG’s Quad Shooting Gallery airgun target: The all-metal pellet trap system has four center mass knockdown targets with a center SIG target for the reset function. Includes 5 sets of replacement target stickers and at about $49.00 is a great deal for rainy day garage fun and teaching kids gun safety and shooting skills. Recommended for use with lead airgun pellet and lead shot only. Not for steel BB use. Power limited to 20 ft-lbs.


The DPMS SBR bridges the gap between airgun and gas blow-back SBR. The 3DPMS SBR is a tactical compact CO2 rifle that shoots BB’s in either a single shot, semi-auto mode, or full-auto with an up to 1,400 rounds per minute rate of fire! The SBR features a 6-position buttstock, AR compatible pistol grip, quad picatinny rails for accessories, angled fore grip and flip up iron sights. With all the realistic features, this air rifle has all the features of its “real gun” inspiration. Equip them the same for a perfect training experience.