Interior Details

Much of what makes the gun, though, isn’t immediately visible from the outside. For example, dimpling the rear of a slidestop is a pistolsmith’s way of avoiding premature slidelock. Cabot, however, also added a groove that lets you insert the slidestop more easily, avoiding the ugly rookie marks careless users leave on M1911 frames during reassembly.

Similarly, take a look at the disconnect rail on the underside of the slide, that both trips the disconnector to reset the trigger and picks up the next cartridge in the magazine. Beveling the square front of the rail makes the action reset smoother, but also reduces the surface area available to pick up a cartridge and reload the gun. Cabot’s solution is to machine a narrow, angled channel down the disconnect rail to create a ramp for the disconnector while keeping a square profile to ensure the rail has adequate surface area to pick up the next cartridge. Very clever.