SIG SAUER P365 9mm Micro-Pistol


SIG P365

What gun would you carry with enough firepower to keep your family and yourself safe from a menagerie of threats? While micro-compacts are comfortable and easily concealed, they’re usually chambered in anemic calibers with low-round capacity.

Conversely, guns with higher capacities are more difficult to comfortably carry day in and day out. Concealing the nagging nuisance of a bulge is also frustrating, defeating the purpose of carrying concealed, especially in warmer weather …

Paradoxically Speaking …

What we need is a small pocket pistol chambered in a potent caliber with enough firepower to complete the job at hand! A gun we want to carry 365 days a year with confidence! But how, Tank? The folks at SIG SAUER have come to the rescue with the newly released P365.

SIG P365

Ultimate Concealed Carry Pistol

The SIG SAUER P365 is a high-capacity micro-compact pistol chambered in 9mm and the answer to our dreams. What else would you expect from a company rooted deeply in German engineering and Swiss precision? These traits differentiate the P365 from all the other micro-compacts on the market.

The folks at SIG SAUER designed a magazine capable of holding 10+1 9mm rounds, while still maintaining a 1" profile using a new geometrically shaped, patent pending, narrow necked, double-stack magazine. This magazine makes all good things possible!

An optional 12+1 magazine with extended finger-grip bottom is also available. Wow!

SIG P365

SIG P365

Some Surprising Specs

With such a high-round capacity, surely the SIG SAUER is bigger and heavier than its competitors, right? Negatory, there, pistol-packing buddy! The P365 weighs a mere 17.8 oz., empty and has a gaunt 1" profile, making it smaller and lighter than most in the micro-compact class. It’s 5.8" long and 4.3" tall, and sports a 3.1" barrel.

The P365 is a striker-fired, polymer-framed design, providing a good grip-to-bore axis, which lessons perceived recoil, for such a lightweight gun. The fully textured grip has a slim-line rail for SIG light or laser accessories. A generous trigger-guard undercut encourages a high hand position for a solid, steady grip. The narrowed magazine top allows for an ergonomically designed grip-shape to perfectly fit the shooters thumb-web.

The stainless steel slide has front and rear serrations for positive grip during slide manipulation and press-check. SIGLITE front and rear sights are included and provide a sharp sight picture and fast target acquisition during low-light conditions.

Safe and easy disassembly is possible with a 3-point takedown and does not require the trigger to be pulled while doing so.

SIG P365

SIG P365

Everyday Gun For Everyone

The SIG SAUER P365 may just be the most comfortably carried, high-capacity pistol in its class made today. The 10+1 and 12+1 extended magazine capacity is impressive for such a small, affordable package! Check one out, you’ll be glad you did.

Whether professional or civilian, the P365 has a lot of pluses, namely capacity, minus the weight and bulk of conventionally sized shooters.
The SIG SAUER P365 has an MSRP of $599. For more info,; SIG SAUER, Ph: (603) 610-3000.

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