Most importers are now offering stainless steel Single Action Army replicas, however it was Cimarron Firearms which led the way. Why stainless steel in a traditional single action? As an outdoor finish it’s pretty hard to beat stainless steel. Also I like to shoot black powder loads, and although cleanup is not as tedious as some would have us believe, it still requires more care than when using smokeless powder loads. Stainless steel is not only easier to clean, it also makes it easier to see the places that remain to be cleaned.

Cimarron is importing Uberti-manufactured stainless steel Model Ps in .45 Colt in the three standard barrel lengths of 43/4", 51/2", and 71/2". I have been shooting a pair of 71/2" .45s for nearly 10 years now. My almost perennial complaint about all replicas is the grade of wood used in the stocks. The grips are just about perfect as to shape and size and they are well fitted to the frame, however the color and finish is just not quite right.

For my pair of 71/2" stainless steel Cimarrons I selected antique faux ivory stocks from Buffalo Brothers. One is fitted with stocks with a Longhorn steer skull on both sides, while a double Mexican Eagle decorates both panels of the other. The combination of polished stainless steel and antique ivory is most pleasing to the eye and the carving on the grips provides a comfortable non-slip surface for the hands.