Sexy Slide

Boasting a solid stainless steel slide as its canvas, Kimber uses advanced modern machining techniques to stylishly apply “framed gripping points” called Stiplex serrations. This trend-setting cluster of “dimples” provides a user-friendly gripping surface, while not being overly aggressive, as some traditional serrations tend to be. Plus, they’re snag-free — handy during a draw.

The ultra-modern Stiplex serrations shave weight, provide a positive purchase for slide manipulation and exhibit just how swanky Kimber’s talented crew can be. Plus, the Stiplex design just plain looks cool. I told you, the Custom Shop has very special offerings!

The slide also has weight-trimming recesses milled into it, providing good looks and artful depth. In furniture making it’s called a “reveal” when a line catches the eye, showing depth and design highlights. Also visible on the outside, an externally mounted extractor, combined with a flared ejection port, provides positive, trouble-free extraction and ejection. Lastly, a striker indicator allows for both a visual and tactile confirmation of the striker’s status.