Triple Action

This Lipsey’s GP100 Ruger is offered in three chamberings. At first glance all the models look the same. They’re all blued, with the custom stocks and the 5" barrel, and even though it’s a Half-Lug, it’s a bull barrel style. Looking at the very pleasing outline of this revolver drummed up memories from 50 years ago. I was still relatively young when Skeeter Skelton designed his “Dream Sixgun.” He took the best features of several revolvers of the time with his choice of caliber being .357 Magnum and a barrel length of 5".

These are all double-action sixguns with of course the ability to be fired single action. They are all steel and have excellent sights, with an adjustable rear sight mated with a post front and gold bead insert. In a word they’re excellent for a sixgun like this.

The three chamberings offered are .327 Federal Magnum, .357 Magnum and .44 Special. The cylinders of the three have a capacity of seven rounds, six rounds and five respectively. The first two have fluted cylinders, while the 5-shot .44 Special cylinder is unfluted. The 5-round chambering is necessitated by the fact the cylinder on the GP100 is too small to accept six .44 caliber holes.

The .327 is 39 oz., the .357 also 39 oz. and the .44 Special is just slightly lighter at 38 oz. thanks to the bigger holes. The three barrel twists are different with the .327 being 1:16", the .357 Magnum is 1:183/4" and the .44 Special is the slowest at 1:20". All GP’s have the same basic action as the Super Redhawk thus are normally smoother from the box than regular Redhawks. All three of these are highly usable as they came from Lipsey’s, however actions can always benefit from the attention of an expert!