The .44 Special

The .44 Special GP100 is almost as versatile as the .327 Magnum as it will not only accept .44 Special loads but .44 Russian and .44 Colt loads as well. I tried 15 factory loads in all three chamberings and nine .44 Special handloads and I can say this is one of the most accurate .44 Specials I have experienced. The fact it has uniform chamber mouths of 0.431" certainly has something to do with it.

The Black Hills 210 .44 Colt clocks out just under 700 fps with a 11/8" group at 20 yards while the very short .44 Russian 200-gr. load from PMC places four shots in 3/4" with a muzzle velocity of 740 fps. Switching to the .44 Special factory loads we find the Black Hills 250-Keith (now discontinued) at 750 fps and a 1" group; Buffalo Bore’s Anti-Personnel 200-gr. Hard Cast Wadcutter, 1,040 fps, 5/8"; and Federal’s 200-SWC Lead HP grouping into 7/8" at 875 fps. My choice for a serious everyday load for roaming the desert, foothills, forests and mountains is the Buffalo Bore Outdoorsman 255-gr. Hard Cast semi-wadcutter at 1,025 fps and grouping 3/4" at 20 yards.