Critical Changes

The Ranger II is chambered for .22 Magnum (.22 WMR). An extra cylinder in .22 Long Rifle is available, but it must be pre-ordered, as it has to be precisely fitted. The length of the .22 WMR cartridge influenced the ejector design in the new Ranger. On the old version, when the barrel unit was opened, the ejector would rise, then snap back into place.

On the Ranger II, when the barrel unit is about two-thirds open, the ejector slightly lifts the cases for easy removal. The ejector does not snap back in, it just retreats as the unit is tipped rearward for loading. With the considerable length of the .22 WMR cartridge, this was a wise decision.

Mention of the principal chambering reminds me to note the .22 WMR was originally a rifle round, and thus the powder used had a slower burning rate. Used in a handgun, those loads will have a marvelous muzzle-flash, and will lose some velocity. Several of the ammo companies now offer .22 Magnum loads specifically for handguns. So, if you get a Ranger II, be sure to look for those.