Popular SIG SAUER P365 Now Available in .380 ACP


The new SIG SAUER P365 .380 ACP will feature the same frame and 10+1 capacity as the 9mm model.

One of the most innovative firearm designs in recent memory, the SIG SAUER P365 quickly became a popular handgun among gun owners, especially those who carry, after its release in 2018. The top-selling new handgun model that same year, according to GunBroker.com, it repeated in 2019 and finished in the top-10 during the gun-craze of 2020.

Despite its micro-compact frame, the P365 holds 10+1 rounds of 9mm thanks to its half-stack magazine — with 12- and 15-round magazines also available — making it the perfect combination of size and firepower for both men and women. But, for those sensitive to recoil or lack hand strength, the P365 can be too much to handle.

Recognizing the gun’s success, as well as a void in the market for a higher capacity, smaller caliber handgun, SIG SAUER is introducing the P365 in .380 ACP for 2021.

For those sensitive to recoil, shooting the SIG SAUER P365 .380 ACP should prove more enjoyable.

Almost identical to its 9mm bigger brother, the .380 ACP P365 will feature the same polymer frame and 3.1” carbon steel barrel with an easier-to-rack nitron-finished stainless steel slide. Inside, the same Fire Control Unit (FCU) with curved trigger as the original P365 is used. The slide is also topped with SIG SAUER’s familiar SIGLITE Night Sights.

Though .380 ACP is shorter than 9mm, the two calibers share the same bullet diameter, meaning the same 10-round magazine could be used in both P365 models. However, to accommodate the round’s shorter length, engineers designed a shim insert and extended the magazine’s feed lips to aid in loading. Two 10-round magazines will be shipped with the gun, though 12-rounders will also be made available.

Sharing the same dimensions, measuring 5.8” long, 4.3” tall and 1.06” wide, the new .380 ACP model will fit in most 9mm P365 holsters, allowing gun owners to easily find holsters and manufacturers to serve two models with one product.

Anticipated to ship in March/April, the SIG SAUER P365 .380 ACP will likely carry the same MSRP as the 9mm version, $499–599.

For more info: sigsauer.com