FBI Miami Firefight

I’m a lucky fellow. Not long ago, Jazz from our office sent me a note saying, “Roy, an Ed Mireles called wanting to know if we’d be interested in his new book on the FBI Miami gunfight. I told him I’d send his info over to you.” As a retired cop, and someone who lived through that time, I immediately knew who Ed Mireles was and was stunned to have the opportunity to talk to him. I called Ed and found a humble, personable, almost shy-sounding gentleman. I’ll confess to a bit of hero-worship on my part too, but he fought it off perfectly. His new book, called, FBI Miami Firefight: Five Minutes that Changed the Bureau is a “Can’t put this down read” and explains many things I always wondered about. It’s written clearly, and seems almost like Ed is sitting there talking to you about what happened. I can’t recommend it enough.

I also hooked Ed up with Massad Ayoob for a follow-up Ayoob Files to the original one we did many years ago. Watch for that in the Nov/Dec issue, along with more in the Cop Talk column. The shootout is, as I told Ed, in actuality, five minutes changing the entire world of police training, guns, calibers, mindset and more. He’s a hero at every level of the word — but he’ll deny it if you call him that. A huge Handgunner “Hat’s Off” to Ed and his wife Elizabeth, for this book — and for what they’ve done, together. Go to www.edmireles.com to get a copy. It’s likely available at Amazon.com and book stores too by the time you get this. If you like, call (540) 841-2124 if you don’t shop online. Let’s support this modest American hero!