Field Gun

Normally, each year’s offering is a one-of-a-kind fancied up museum-style piece, which is raffled off. However this year is different. There’s not one, but two, identical (except for finish) APG pistols, both of which will be raffled. One is engraved and ivory stocked while the other is an everyday working sixgun. I have been given the high honor and privilege of shooting the latter.

I have had custom sixguns and semiautos built by a dozen or more of the world’s best, however this is the first time I’ve ever experienced a group effort. Five different craftsmen combined their best to produce a .45 Colt as has never been seen before. Not only does APG come up with a grand idea each year, they also have to deal with the logistics of passing it from pistolsmith to pistolsmith, in this case five artists, to complete the project. This year an N-frame Smith & Wesson was chosen as the base gun. The finished product has a 4" heavy underlugged barrel, beautifully blued finish, and custom stocks.