Range Time

I shot three types of FMJ ammo and two types of JHP in the DVG-1. With one of the magazines, I was getting nosedives while attempting to feed Sierra 115-grain JHP cartridges. Those are new cartridges to me, so I wasn’t sure if it was the ammo, but when I tried it in the other magazine, it fed fine. Other than an occasional failure for the slide to lock back after the last round was fired, there were no other issues with any of the ammo. At 10 yards I could put 10 rounds into a 4" target consistently. This is definitely a gun that can benefit from a little break-in period, say 200 to 300 hundred rounds. Although the trigger pull is advertised at 5.5 lbs., my Lyman trigger pull gauge measured the one on my test gun at a consistent 7 lbs. plus an ounce or two. It was a little grungy at first, but after dry firing the gun maybe 20 to 30 times before taking the gun to the range and shooting 350 rounds through it, the DVG-1 still had a 7-lb. trigger pull, but it was smooth. I consider it a major improvement over the 10- to 11-lb. trigger on my CPX-1 and CPX-2.