... Not Always

I recently tested a bunch of .32 Long loads in several .32 Magnum revolvers. Did the “short-brass in long-chambers” work? Some loads actually produced one-hole groups, others gave excellent accuracy. However there was one exception. One .32 Magnum with a record for accuracy with .32 Magnum brass gave me 4" groups with the .32 Long. So the perfect answer to the original question is — “We won’t know until we try” if short brass works. However the chances are very high for success.

Contemplate the choices we have when it comes to short brass and long chambers. The .32 S&W will work in .32 S&W Long, which will work in .32 Magnum, which will work in .327 Federal chambers. Oddly enough, .32 ACPs will work in many .32 revolver chambers since they have enough of a rim to prevent going too far forward into the chamber.

I’ve used .38 Super loads in some .357 Magnum cylinders that would accept them. Going up the scale .38 Short Colt will work in .38 Long Colt, which will work in .38 Special, which we know will work in .357 Magnum. If we’re really feeling lucky we can try any of these in the long .357 SuperMag chambers.

I don’t expect very good results with the latter as I have a Dan Wesson Model 460 that accepts .45 ACP, .460 Rowland and .45 WinMag all using moon clips. Rowlands are okay and WinMags work well, however the short .45 ACPs are pretty much a waste of time.

In the .41 Magnum we can also use .41 Special handloads but I don’t expect either one to work very well in the .414 SuperMag.